Comcast email sign in Customer Work Survey

When viewed on the right you may find that users will have to scroll right to view the entire email, depending on how the user has set up their window frames. There is good news though Comcast supports media queries! So, depending on how your media queries are set up, users who use the right-hand window view may see a version of your email that s tailored for smaller devices/widths, rather than desktop. Something to be aware of if you re hiding anything on your desktop version in your mobile version.

Users also have the option to pop-out the email into its own window. As this reloads the entire email, your email analytics may count these as multiple email opens.Images are displayed by default on any email that s opened in the inbox. However, this can be changed by the user in their preferences. When images are disabled, ALT text is not displayed and associated image styling such as background colors are also missing. All blocked images appear as large blank spaces. It s still important to have ALT text in place for non-Comcast subscribers to ensure they have a great experience in images-off scenarios.Emails

that end up in the spam folder have images off by default, and display no ALT text or any styling associated with the image (background colors that are used as a fallback for missing images aren t displayed either). Users have the choice to switch images on for any email in the spam folder, once the email is open. While we hope your emails don t end up in the spam folder, it can happen. So make sure you have a healthy text-to-image ratio, as well as bulletproof buttons. This ensures that if it does end up in there, users will still be able to recognize your email and mark it as not spam.

You ll be pleased to know that animated GIFs are fully supported within Comcast s inbox! But remember there are still inbox providers out there (ahem Outlook) that don t support animated GIFs. Knowing which online email extractor from url will help you make the decision on whether animated GIFs are worth the time and effort to create for your campaigns.